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Svenska texter Saknar dig citat, Texter, Citat. Sediment samples from five lakes knipa 10 peatlands, most of them located in the tephra fallout zone of the Hekla eruption, were investigated åkte the presence of cryptotephra to assess the potential for tephrochronology in Finland. Tephra shards were extracted from their host matrix and electron probe microanalysis was conducted on single shards åkte geochemical characterization. Our results confirm the presence of Askja tephra in Finland, thus extending the known dispersal område of the Askja tephra eastwards. Most of the shards are rhyolitic, but a minor concentration of tephra with dacitic composition forms a narrow dispersal zone extending from Sweden to southern Finland. This zone possibly represents the main dispersal axis of the tephra in the distal area. Our results suggest that Finnish environmental research could benefit greatly from adding tephrochronology to the array of dating methods commonly used. Additionally, the absence of Hekla tephra in the previously inferred fall-out zone is an important result indicating the complexity of tephra deposition knipa preservation.

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